All Inclusive Gym Equipment


Equipment for Cardiorespiratory Endurance

Treadmills (Italy, Denmark)
We have multiple treadmills from international brands such as Technogym, Fitness World, PowerTrack, etc.

The Technogym Excite Run 700 Treadmill is a state-of-the-art fitness equipment designed to provide a premium running experience. With its advanced features such as adjustable cushioning, interactive console, and personalized training programs, it offers a versatile and engaging workout for users of all fitness levels.

Jacob’s Ladder X (USA)
Jacob’s Ladder is a unique and challenging cardio machine that provides a full-body workout. Inspired by a ladder-climbing motion, it engages the upper and lower body simultaneously, making it an effective tool for building strength, endurance, and cardiovascular fitness.

Step Climber (Taiwan)
The Intenza Step Climber 500ci is a cutting-edge fitness machine that combines the benefits of stair climbing with advanced technology. With its ergonomic design and smooth stepping motion, it offers a low-impact, high-intensity workout that targets the lower body muscles.

Versa Climber (USA)
The TS Versa Climber is a versatile and efficient total body conditioning machine. With its vertical climbing motion, it engages all major muscle groups and provides a high-intensity cardiovascular workout.

Rowing Machines (USA)
The Air Rower is a popular fitness machine that offers a full-body workout by simulating the rowing motion. With its adjustable resistance levels, users can tailor their workout intensity to their fitness goals.

We have Xebex Fitness, and Life Fitness rowers for users

Elliptical/Cross Trainer (India)
The Afton FX 500 Elliptical is a high-quality fitness equipment that provides a low-impact, full-body workout. With its smooth and fluid motion, it offers a comfortable and effective way to improve cardiovascular fitness.

Concept2 SkiErg (USA)
The Ski Erg is an innovative fitness machine that replicates the motions of Nordic skiing, providing a full-body workout. With its adjustable resistance and smooth gliding motion, it offers a low-impact yet high-intensity exercise option for individuals seeking to improve cardiovascular fitness, build strength, and enhance endurance.

Upright Cycles (USA)
Upright cycles, also known as spin bikes, are stationary exercise bikes designed to mimic the experience of outdoor cycling. With adjustable resistance levels and various training programs, indoor cycles offer an intense cardiovascular workout while targeting leg muscles, making them a popular choice for cardio enthusiasts and cycling enthusiasts alike.

Recumbent Cycles (USA)
A recumbent cycle, also known as a recumbent exercise bike, is a stationary exercise bike with a reclined seating position and a backrest. These cycles are specially designed for patients with knee and back pain. These cycles are great value additions for cardiorespiratory health of a needy population.

Equipment for Upper Body Strength Training

Chest Press Machine:
Matrix (USA)

Chest Fly Machine:
Matrix (USA)

Shoulder Press Machine:
Matrix (USA)

Lateral Raises Machine:
Matrix (USA)

Lat Pulldown Machine:
Matrix (USA)

Diverging Seated Row Machine:
Matrix (USA)

Back Extension Machine:
Matrix (USA)

Back Extension Bench:
BodySolid (USA)

Tricep Pushdown Machine:
Matrix (USA)

Preacher Curl Bench:
BodySolid (USA)

Cable Machine:
Matrix (USA)

Cable Machine:
BodySolid (USA)

Equipment for Lower Body Strength Training

Leg Press Machine:
Matrix (USA)

Leg Extension/Curl Machine:
Afton (India)

Hip Adductor Machine:
Matrix (USA)

Hip Extension Machine:
Rogue (USA)

Hip Thrust Bench:
Sidea (Italy)

Calf Raise Machine:
BodySolid (USA)

Tibia Dorsi Flexion Machine:
Realleader (USA)

Free Weights for Strength Training

Dumbells 0.5-50kg:
Afton (India)

Standard Kettlebells 2-12kg:
USI (India)

Competition Kettles 16-36kg:
Bullrock (India)

Standard Wall Ball: Sidea (Italy)
Air Medicine Ball: Viva Fitness (India)
Air Wall Ball: USI (India)
Sand Medicine Ball
Hard Medicine Ball: Nivia (India)
Sand Medicine Ball: Body Sculpture (UK)

Bumper Weight Plates 5-25kg

Fractional Weight Plates 0.5-2.5kg

Bullrock/Health Tech/Afton (India)

Ankle Weights

Aqua Ball:

Aqua Weight:
Yes4All (USA)

Olympic Barbell
Afton (India)

EZ Bar
Bullrock (India)

Multi-grip Bar
Bullrock (India)

Viking Press Bar

T Bar Row Attachment:
Logest (USA)

Single Handle:
Bullrock (India)

Double Handle:
Bullrock (India)

T Bar Landmine:
Bullrock (USA)

Landmine Handle:


Squat Rack:
BodySolid (USA)


Hex Trap Bar:
Bullrock (India)

Super Bench:
Insight Fitness


Utility Bench:
Fitness World

Squat Wedges

Equipment for Calisthenics

Pullup Bar

Roman Rings

Pushup Board:
Power Press (USA)


Pushup Handle

Mounted Dips Bar

Dip Stand

Dip Belt:
Aprodo (India)


Parallettes Bar

Wooden Parallettes Bar:
Calistreet (India)

Rope Ladder

Suspension Bands:

Rock Climbing Canonball:

Agility Training Equipment



Agility Cones

Tall Cones

Agility Rings

Equipment for Physical Aggression Training

Punching and Kicking

Teardrop Water Bag:
Everlast (USA)

Speed Bag:
USI (India)

Free Standing Bag:
Everlast (USA)

Free Standing Reflex Bag:
Everlast (USA)

High Speed Dodge Bag:
Title Boxing (USA)

Dummy Hitting

Body Opponent Hitting

Tire & Sledgehammer

Battle Rope (Medium Grade)

Battle Rope (High Grade)

Xebex (USA)

Equipment for Explosive Strength Training


Skipping Ropes

Plyometric Boxes

Step Platforms

Broad Jump Mats

Equipment for Improving Core Muscle Strength

Ab Straps

Ab Roller

Slyk Slider

Swiss Ball

Equipment for Improving Grip-Strength

Forearm Strengthener:

Wrist Roller:
Viking Strength

Wrist Curling Machine

Spring Press:
ProHands (USA)

Grip Rings:
RitFit (USA)

Theraband (USA)

Logest (USA)

Loading Pin:

Hang Board:
Gripnatic (Slovenia)

Equipment for Improved Hand-Eye/Foot-Eye Coordination

Medicine Ball Rebounder:
Sidea (Italy)

Reaction Ball:

Reaction Ball:
Reebok (UK)

Reaction Ball:
Reebok (UK)


Crazy Bouncy Balls





Table Tennis

Resistance Bands

Band Loops:
Theraband (USA)

Mini Resistance Bands:
Decathlon (France)



Power Band

Resistance Tube

Equipment for Ankle Stability/Balance Training

Balance Pod:


Balance Pod Beam

Balance Pillow:

Balance Beam:

Balance Plate:
USI (India)

Weeble Board:
FItterFirst (Canada)

Rocker Board


Round Balance Pillow

Equipment for Knee Stability/Balance Training

Advanced Balance Beam

Strongboard (USA)

Ski Trainer:
FitterFirst (Canada)

Dynamic Balance Trainer


Bongo Board:
FitterFirst (Canada)

Extreme Balance Board:
FitterFirst (Canada)

Balance Bow:
IronWear Fitness (USA)

Joint Range Assessment Kit


Other Joints Range of Motion Goniometer:
Indosurgicals (India)

Frozen Shoulder Goniometer

Equipment for Stretching


Back Stretching Machine:
NitroFit (USA)

Adductor Stretch Machine:
ProForce (USA)

Calf Stretching Board


Viparit Dandasan Bench

Yoga Belt


Yoga Mats

Equipment for Self-Massage & Relaxation


Handheld Massager:
Homedics (USA)

Whole Body Vibration Machine:
ACi (India)

Foam Roller


Foam Roller

Acupressure Mat:

Acupressure Mat:
AHCP (India)


Handheld Roller Balls:

Wooden Massage Roller

Peanut Massage Ball


Backnobber II:
Pressure Positive

Back Massager:
Sae Arc (USA)

Puzzle Section for Mind Stimulation


Brainvita Board Game

Rubik’s Cubes (3x3x3 & 4x4x4)

Metal Wire Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles

Tangram Puzzles

Labyrinth Board Game