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Problems Related to Balance

What are the associated symptoms with balance-related problems?

● Feeling of falling
● Feeling of faintness
● Unsteadiness
● light-headedness
● Loss of balance associated with bending down, while lying down and getting
up from bed, while turning and twisting

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What are the causes of balance-related problems?

There are several causes of balance-related problems.
Some of the causes are as below.
● Cervical spondylosis
● Vestibular problems
● Peripheral neuropathy
● Muscle weakness
● Parkinson’s disease
● Motion sickness.
● After stroke


How does it affect daily activities?

● Reduced daily activities & freedom of movement
● Fear and apprehension of falling
● Anxiety
● Reduced confidence
● Reduced quality of life


What type of causes of balance-related problems are given treatment at
BILD Exercise Clinic?

BILD Exercise Clinic is not a vertigo treatment clinic.
Only following balance-related problems are given treatment at BILD Exercise Clinic.
● Muscle weakness
● Old age
● Cervical spondylosis
● After recovering from a stroke


What happens during consultation at BILD Exercise Clinic?

● The doctor will examine the patient.

● A detailed history regarding the onset and progression of symptoms will be
● A record of previous treatments tried will be noted.
● Previous reports such as MRI, X-rays or any other relevant investigations (if
any) will also be seen and discussed.


What questions to expect from your doctor?

The doctor may ask some of the following questions:
● Since when do you have this problem?
● What was the trigger (if applicable) for the beginning of symptoms?
● How would you describe the symptoms?
● What are the previous treatment modalities tried by you?
● What makes the symptoms worse?
● What makes the symptoms better?
● How does this problem affect your daily life?


Is it necessary to have any investigations done before or after the

● It is NOT compulsory to have any investigations done before consultation.
● Blood tests and MRIs are NOT asked for.


How to prepare for your consultation with the doctor?

● Wear comfortable clothes.
● Don’t consume painkillers (at least 12 hours before) while coming for
consultation. Painkillers mask the symptoms and interfere with understanding
of symptoms.
● Bring all the previous reports, investigations, and medication prescriptions (if
any). It is NOT necessary to have investigations or tests to be done before.
● Write down all your questions on paper or on a mobile phone that you want to
ask the doctor.
● It is always useful to bring a companion with you during consultation.


What treatment can be offered at BILD Exercise Clinic?

● Based on examination, reports, and medical and surgical history doctor will
prescribe home-based exercises. Home-based exercise prescription contains
diagrams, figures and detailed instructions.
● If needed few sessions of specific exercises can be conducted at the BILD
Exercise Clinic.


What types of exercises are covered at BILD Exercise Clinic?

As needed one or more of the following exercises are prescribed and administered
as needed.

● Cervical exercises
● Balancing exercises
● Antigravity treadmill
● Ergonomic correction of your office space

● Strength training exercises
The selection of technology and exercise protocol is determined by the doctor.


How ergonomic corrections are done at BILD Exercise Clinic?

● It is good to bring a picture of your current laptop or computer use on your
mobile phone.
● The doctor will study your current style of laptop, and computer use and
suggest changes.
● Changes in the placement of the screen, keyboard, mouse, chair etc. are
discussed and a prescription is provided for the same.

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What are the goals of the exercise treatment at BILD Exercise Clinic?

● Delay or reverse the further progression of symptoms.
● Improve function
● Improve quality of life.
As with any medical or exercise intervention the outcome varies from patient to


What kind of treatment is NOT offered at BILD Exercise Clinic?

● Painkillers or Anti-inflammatory medications
● Vitamin supplements
● Ointments and creams of any kind
● Any other pharmacological/drug treatment
● Hormonal Therapy or injectables of any kind
● Intra-joint injections of any kind
● Surgery of any kind


How to reach BILD Exercise Clinic OPD at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital?

  • Reach the Super Speciality Building (SS building/new building) lobby/main entrance before time. Wheelchairs are available in the lobby and parking for needy patients. Click here for the Google map location of BILD Exercise Clinic.
  • Parking is available based on availability. You can prefer public transport such as bus, auto-rickshaw, cab or taxi.
  • If you are not registered as a patient and appearing for the first time as a patient at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital then try to come at least 15 minutes before the appointment time to complete the simple registration process at the ground floor reception of the super specialty building.
  • Get an OPD entry pass (for patients) and an attendant pass at the ground-floor reception.
  • Choose appropriate lifts (life no.1,2,3 ) at the ground floor to reach BILD Exercise Clinic OPD on the 11th floor.
  • Depending upon patient numbers some waiting period is expected. Comfortable sitting, clean drinking water, a book reading section, clean toilets, changing rooms, and a cafeteria (on the ground floor and seventh floor) are available at your service.

Book your appointment. Send WhatsApp message, SMS or give a call at 8149387706. Landline number- 020-49154101 / 4122