Accurate Blood Pressure Monitoring Devices

1) BR-102 Plus: Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring Device

The BR-102 Plus is a cutting-edge real-time blood pressure monitoring device designed to provide accurate and continuous blood pressure measurements. It utilizes advanced technology and user-friendly features to offer healthcare professionals real-time insights into their patients’ blood pressure status. With its portability and efficiency, the BR-102 Plus is a valuable tool in monitoring blood pressure in real time during exercise aiding in diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of cardiovascular health.

Its uses include:

  • Monitoring Blood pressure during exercise.
  • Aiding in prompt diagnosis and treatment decisions.


Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring:

At the core of the BR-102 Plus is its capability to provide real-time blood pressure monitoring. The device utilizes non-invasive technology to measure blood pressure continuously without the need for cuff inflations, offering patients a comfortable experience. Real-time monitoring enables healthcare professionals to closely track blood pressure fluctuations, identify sudden changes, and respond promptly to critical situations.

At BILD Clinic, we use BR-102 Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring Device for monitoring exercises in patients with cardiac issues.

2) Accoson Greenlight 300 Sphygmomanometer: World's Most Accurate Blood Pressure Monitoring Device

The Accoson Greenlight 300 Sphygmomanometer is a medical device used for measuring blood pressure. It is designed to provide accurate and reliable readings, making it a valuable tool for healthcare professionals, and clinicians. With its advanced features and user-friendly design, the Greenlight 300 offers precise blood pressure measurements in a convenient and efficient manner.

Some common uses of the Greenlight 300 include:

  • Routine blood pressure measurements
  • Diagnosing hypertension
  • Tracking blood pressure trends over time.


Accurate and Reliable Measurements:
The Greenlight 300 Sphygmomanometer utilizes advanced technology to ensure accurate and reliable blood pressure readings. It features an oscillometric method that detects and analyzes blood pressure oscillations, providing precise measurements of systolic and diastolic pressure. The device is calibrated to international standards, ensuring accuracy and consistency in its readings. This accuracy is crucial for monitoring blood pressure levels, diagnosing hypertension, and evaluating the effectiveness of treatment. 


At BILD Clinic, we use Greenlight 300 Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring Device for monitoring exercises in patients with cardiac issues.