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Start with a Comprehensive Physical Fitness Program

How to start with a fitness program at BILD Exercise Clinic?

  • Based on scores and reports of physical fitness test (HRPF test) done at BILD Exercise Clinic a comprehensive physical fitness program is developed.
  • You can get enrolled in the program for your desired number of months or as suggested by our doctor.


Who designs the exercise program?

Our doctor designs your fitness program.


Who teaches the exercise program?

The program is administered with the help of qualified fitness trainers.


What are the benefits of different types of exercises done at BILD Exercise Clinic?

  • Strength training/ Weight lifting – for muscle strength, stronger bones and joints.
  • Cardio training- for developing endurance, making the heart stronger, and lungs more functional.
  • Yoga- Maintaining and increasing flexibility.
  • Physical aggression- venting out anger, developing muscles and bones.
  • Balancing exercises- increase balancing ability
  • Breathing exercises- increase mindfulness & focus
  • Rehabilitation exercises- help get rid of pain


If I am staying far away from BILD Exercise Clinic or I am not from Pune then how to plan for my exercises outside BILD Exercise Clinic?

  • In order to understand your existing physical fitness first appear for Physical Fitness Assessment Test (HRPF Test).
  • As per the outcome of the HRPF test guidance is provided for planning of fitness program for patients living outside Pune or for those who want to exercise near their home.
  • You can also learn exercise forms and types at BILD Exercise Clinic and later perform at any gym near your house.


How to reach BILD Exercise Clinic OPD at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital?

  • Reach the Super Speciality Building (SS building/new building) lobby/main entrance before time. Wheelchairs are available in the lobby and parking for needy patients. Click here for the Google map location of BILD Exercise Clinic.
  • Parking is available based on availability. You can prefer public transport such as bus, auto-rickshaw, cab or taxi.
  • If you are not registered as a patient and appearing for the first time as a patient at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital then try to come at least 15 minutes before the appointment time to complete the simple registration process at the ground floor reception of the super specialty building.
  • Get an OPD entry pass (for patients) and an attendant pass at the ground-floor reception.
  • Choose appropriate lifts (life no.1,2,3 ) at the ground floor to reach BILD Exercise Clinic OPD on the 11th floor.
  • Depending upon patient numbers some waiting period is expected. Comfortable sitting, clean drinking water, a book reading section, clean toilets, changing rooms, and a cafeteria (on the ground floor and seventh floor) are available at your service.

Book your appointment. Send WhatsApp message, SMS or give a call at 8149387706. Landline number- 020-49154101 / 4122