Dynamometer: For Precise Muscle Strength and Joint Function Assessment

(microFET 2 Digital Dynamometer)

(Jamar Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer)


A dynamometer is a device used to measure muscle strength and joint function. It provides objective and quantifiable data about an individual’s muscle force production, enabling healthcare professionals and researchers to assess and monitor muscle strength and track changes over time. 

Dynamometers are widely utilized in rehabilitation programs involving muscle function and strength imbalances. They provide researchers with objective data to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions, track changes in muscle strength over time, and assess functional performance. In sports and fitness settings, dynamometers are employed to assess muscle strength in athletes, design training programs, monitor performance, and prevent injuries related to muscle imbalances. 

Some common uses of a dynamometer include

  • Assessing grip strength.
  • Evaluating muscle strength imbalances.
  • Monitoring progress during rehabilitation and strength training.
  • Tracking changes in muscle strength over time.

BILD Exercise Clinic uses international-grade technology like microFET 2 Digital Dynamometer and Jamar Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer